5 Amazing Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing (+ Reduce Cellulite!!)

Fun fact — did you know that the skin is the largest organ of your body?  🙂

It’s funny how most of us are so focused on tending to the skin on our face with daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, yet we barely tend to the skin on the rest of our body.
Today I will share with you ONE simple technique which you can do to improve not only your skin’s health but your overall health as well.  Say hello to DRY SKIN BRUSHING.
This simple technique is a common practice in my signature detox programs, and many of my detox participants tell me that they not only skin-brush during the detox but have adapted this habit and continue to practice it daily even upon completing the detox.  

The WHY of dry skin-brushing?

1) EXFOLIATES ~ Daily dry skin brushing increases the activity of your pores and eliminates more waste materials than any soap and water.  (Yup, this was news to me too during my holistic coaching studies).  It removes dead skin cells, improving appearance, clearing your clogged pores, and allowing your skin to breath.
2) INCREASES CIRCULATION ~ Dry skin brushing increases circulation which encourages the elimination of metabolic waste.
3) STIMULATES YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM ~ There are hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules throughout your body, responsible for removing cellular waste products.  The lymph collects the waste from all tissues and transports it to your blood for elimination, a process known as lymphatic drainage.  The danger is when your lymphatic system is not working properly, which causes for waste and toxins to build up and make you sick.  This is referred to as lymphatic congestion and is the major cause factor leading to inflammation and disease.  Frightening!!  You may want to start with dry-skin brushing…TODAY.
4) REDUCE CELLULITE!! ~ Dry skin brushing may assist with softening hard fat deposits below the skin by distributing them more evenly.  This may help to diminish the appearance of cellulite by smoothing away those less-than perfect spots on your legs.

(Share this tip will all the lovely women in your life.  They will THANK YOU for it!)

5) INVIGORATES ~ Dry skin brushing may become addictive (in a good way!) simply because it feels so freakin’ good.  Whether you become “addicted” to it because your skin gets tighter and starts to glow, or just because it feels amazing, this is a health coach approved addiction so go ahead, dry skin brush all you want 🙂  

The HOW of dry skin brushing?

1) Purchase a natural bristle brush with a long handle so you can reach all areas of your body.
2) Before you shower, start brushing by starting with your feet and work your way up your body in long, circular strokes toward your heart.
3) The best time to brush is in the morning, ideally after exercise and before you shower.
Love, EK