Hi sweet friends,


With the New Year right around the corner, this is the time many of us make resolutions about our lives – often tied to our health and wellness.  This could mean jumping into a grueling diet or beginning a new crazy workout regime.  That’s what most New Year’s resolutions are really about.  In today’s world we can get so caught up in DOING and we focus on the outward, the job, the career, the money, the ideal weight, being important, etc.  And then come to a breaking point where all that stuff does not seem to matter so much and we just want to be happy.  For some, this breaking point comes at a young age, for others at older age.  But at SOME POINT achievement is not enough; we want to be happy.




Now although setting New Year’s resolutions are something we are committed to year after year, how sincere is the vow really?  When was the last time you achieved your New Year’s resolution?  When did your efforts continue past the first month?  Perhaps the reason many fail to achieve their set goals is because you are working towards them for the wrong reasons.  Focusing on arbitrary amount of weight to lose, numbers of calories to consume or burn, surpassing your personal record in a race, or any other like goals looses sight of the overall objective, finding happiness.  The reasons you strive for these specific goals of weight loss and change in health habits is because you are unhappy and think those achievements will shift everything in our life in a positive direction.


The reality is, typical New Year’s resolutions like these are masks, covering the underlying issues involving self-improvement. So rather than simply trying to burn more fat and tone up, think about finding a deep meaning in every one of those areas.  For instance, rather than focusing on losing 10 pounds, how about finding sincere meaning in exercise, something you really enjoy, and incorporating that into your routine?  Maybe you signed up for cycling at SoulCycle or FlyWheel just because it’s “in” right now but you really dislike indoor cycling and drag going there?  Instead, why not focus on your passion and find the exercises you do love, may it be dancing, swimming, yoga or playing team sports in your community? 

Find what moves you and inspires you to want to be healthy and active.  Opt for slowly shifting into healthy habits and daily practices that will feed your soul for life.  At the root of many of our health concerns, unhappiness and self-image issues is ego, stress, lack of purpose and passion for the endless opportunity and abundant universe that surrounds us.  The scarcity mindset can be shifted.  Step by step you can sculpt the lifestyle of your dreams. 


In my own personal experience and years of client transformations the key is consistency, emotional support and action.  DOing more of what makes you happy and BEing more YOU with the support and guidance of experts.  It means letting go of the negative patterns and people in our lives that prevent us from being authentic and truly living to our body’s and minds’ full potential.  Yes it is scary.  But imagine how amazing life could be?  When was the last time you felt 100% YOU?!  Radiantly alive?  What if we could feel like that ALL the time?


Sometimes we need to shift because there is nothing more insane than doing the exact same things day in and day out and expecting different results.  It just won’t happen.  You have to shift.  Are you ready?


Hugs, ek