Get more ENERGY…

We have been trying to find ways to have more energy for as long as there have been humans.  Coffee, tea and cacao have been enjoyed for centuries throughout the world as an energy boost.  Chia seeds are known to have provided the Aztecs and Mayans with energy and stamina as far back as 3,500 BC.  We want to “do it all” and at the end of the day still radiate a healthy glow. However in reality, there is an enormous gap between wanting to feel better and accomplishing that in the everyday living with the mental and physical health penalties of eating processed foods, not moving enough, and barely having some down time. Part of the issue is that we have set the energy bar so high.  We have an increasing expectation that we can keep squeezing more and more out of our lives if only we apply the right formula.


Our energy reserves need regular replenishing.  Here are some simple tips for getting more energy:


Turn OFF the TV – Most people think that watching TV is a restful activity when in fact it can be tiring.  So instead of numbing your mind as a way to rejuvenate, take a long walk along a scenic trail, the beach or anything that can connect you with nature.

Avoid the quick fix – A small cappuccino, tea, or dark chocolate are perfectly legitimate “energy Band-Aid” when you need a quick boost when in a hurry, however the trouble comes when people rely on them daily.  When you artificially stimulate your adrenal glands with the use of caffeine and sugar, the “high” that is experienced is undoubtedly followed by a crash.  Instead, fuel your energy with nourishment.  A diet comprised of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and legumes will provide you with a longer-term and steady supply of energy that is not followed by a crash, does not fatigue or exhaust your adrenals, and does not elevate cortisol levels.

Stick to your workout – Physically active people are more energetic.  Exercise stimulates neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, and this creates feelings of greater energy.  Whether it is running, cycling or yoga that you enjoy, do more of it and start witnessing the significant increase in your daily energy.

Get in the Groove – Music makes you feel good mentally and physically; it can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, decrease stress hormones, and may increase the feel-good hormones and improve your fitness per­formance.

Tap into the Happy Vibes – Happy people have higher energy, it is a simple as that.  When we are happy, we take charge, initiate conversations with people, and carry out plans, instead of being passive responders to life events.  Surround yourself with high energy, positive people and you will be able to generate high energy and positivity!  Make more choices to spend time with happy, energetic people.  Pump up your own positive thinking by jotting down five things you are grateful for, before going to bed.  Reread your list when you need a smile.  Practice random acts of kindness throughout your week.  Open the door for the person behind you at the grocery store or compliment a coworker on his or her work.  Generosity toward others makes you feel happier inside today and revved up to take on the world tomorrow.


Signed up for 1/2 or full marathon and need help around nutrition?

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Whether your goals are focused around living with abundant energy, or learning how to properly fuel for a fitness event, working with a health coach can help you achieve these important goals.


I am thrilled to continue sharing my expertise and experience with you, offering committed support and guidance in helping you stay motivated while enjoying the achievement of your own health goals.  With your commitment, my program has the power to give you a life changing experience.