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Best NATURAL sweeteners

You are SWEET enough already 😉 SUGAR — seems to be a hot nutrition topic these days. You know it is awful and toxic for you, yet you crave it almost daily. Sugar consumption is an epidemic in our culture that contributes to weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and inflammation (the cause of disease!). When you are consuming […]

Postrun smoothie for quick recovery

After a long run, it’s crucial to refuel within 30 minutes so you can recover. However that doesn’t mean you should eat whatever comes first in sight. You may be inclined to reach for burger and fries or a doughnut after a training session because you just completed an intense workout so why not “reward” […]

What to eat after a workout??

Most everyone I know loves the post-workout meal.  It serves as a reward for having completed a good workout, and it’s a fantastic excuse to eat something that perhaps you try to avoid most other times. But many athletes are unsure about what to eat after a workout and typically reach for foods they know […]

Zucchini Raw Bagels

One of the foods that is commonly missed when people start eating a raw food diet is bread.  Luckily traditional bagels are somewhat easier to replicate than for example, a soft French baguette.  This recipe turned out with a wonderful texture that is similar to the real thing.  Not only are these bagels delicious, but […]

Superfood Energy Balls

Energy SuperFood Balls Superfoods — we hear this word a lot lately.  So what are superfoods?  I wrote about superfoods for the Total Beauty Blog but here is a quick synopses: Superfoods are quality foods that deliver nutritional value far beyond what you’d get from average foods. A lot of clients ask me what is […]