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Watermelon can boost what?

This popular summer fruit is not only thirst-quenching on a hot summer day, but it also possesses many beneficial characteristics. Although 92% of its content is water, the rest 8% are rich with lycopene, antioxidant known to protect the heart, the prostate, and also the skin from UV damage. Watermelon can boost sexual life? Perhaps […]

Get more ENERGY…

We have been trying to find ways to have more energy for as long as there have been humans.¬† Coffee, tea and cacao have been enjoyed for centuries throughout the world as an energy boost.¬† Chia seeds are known to have provided the Aztecs and Mayans with energy and stamina as far back as 3,500 […]

Find your healthy balance…

Many of us are busy professionals with the mile-long to do lists and tackling many things at once.¬† Multitasking has become not only a highly desired but required skill.¬† We have an increasing expectation of ourselves that we can keep packing our daily schedule with things to do and expect to excel at everything.¬† However […]

A new healthy YOU is waiting..

A new healthy YOU is waiting… Become more DYNAMIC, ACTIVE, JOYFUL… Learn the secrets to a healthy living‚Ķ Find your healthy balance‚Ķ When athletes want a competitive advantage, they hire a private coach to monitor their progress. When it comes to your health, applying this mindset could also be beneficial. In my role as a […]