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Chocolate-Chip Protein Cookies

These cookies are the perfect guilt-free indulgence that your tastebuds and waistline will love!  Make this satisfying treat for the holidays or enjoy them as the perfect post-workout snack.   Ingredients: 2 cups rolled oats 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 1 scoop Epic Protein Chocolate Maca 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp fine ground sea salt […]

Do I need Probiotics?

  Do I need probiotics?  Oh YES, and here is why. Probiotics are live microorganisms (aka as good bacteria) helping us maintain healthy intestinal flora.  Microbiologists have increasingly established how important to human health can good bacteria be.  Even the word “probiotic” means “FOR LIFE”, being derived from the Greek words: “pro” – signifying promotion, […]

Simple Tip for Maximum Energy

Hi Friends!! Drinking water is probably the most undervalued source of physical energy.  Unlike hunger, thirst is an inadequate barometer of the need for H2O as by the time we feel thirsty, it is likely that we are already quite dehydrated.  While many of you may not be fans of drinking plain water — (this is often […]

Epic Post Workout Fuel

  Pre or post workout, smoothie is my go-to fuel.  Today I whipped up a Green Kingdom deliciousness using Epic Protein, ideal for post workout recovery due to the potent blend of ingredients.  Here are the ingredients and some of the benefits: 3-4 celery stalks 1 apple 1 banana 2 cup of unsweetened almond milk 1 […]

Pumpkin Cream – Post Workout Smoothie

When it comes to sports nutrition, we are usually concerned with the right fueling before workout — then as soon as our training is over, we eat whatever we can get our hands on.  But what we put in our bodies post-workout is what we should focus on the most. Here is one great smoothie, easy to […]

Athlete’s fuel, the DAY before a race

Fall is a popular season for fitness events and eating for performance is as crucial to training as logging on the miles, so today I am sharing what’s on Alex’s plate the day before the big race.  Alex is one of my athlete clients who is frequently training for endurance events (and recently completed an ironman; […]

Best NATURAL sweeteners

You are SWEET enough already 😉 SUGAR — seems to be a hot nutrition topic these days. You know it is awful and toxic for you, yet you crave it almost daily. Sugar consumption is an epidemic in our culture that contributes to weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and inflammation (the cause of disease!). When you are consuming […]

Artisanal Treeline Nut Cheese

The Best Artisanal Dairy-Free Cheese I’ve ever tasted is from the company Treeline Nut Cheese. They make French-style soft cheese and aged hard cheese so divine, they may rival the best of France and Italy! If you are a lover of fine cheese, you’d love their products!    Pictured here is the cracked-pepper aged hard cheese. […]

Strawberry Creamsicle Smoothie

I love to start my day with a smoothie. It’s great pre-workout fuel due to its’ easy digestibility, and also post-workout for quick recovery (especially if you add plant-protein powder). Get creative with your ingredients and use whatever you have on hand. Change up your greens, alternate your milks, nut butters, superfoods and fruit to […]