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Raw Almond Milk

Making your own raw almond milk is so simple, fast and delicious that I wonder now why I ever hesitated to try it.  All you really need is almonds and water, although I recommend adding Medjool dates for sweetness and even some vanilla for extra flavor if you like.   Homemade almond milk is so […]

Zucchini Raw Bagels

One of the foods that is commonly missed when people start eating a raw food diet is bread.  Luckily traditional bagels are somewhat easier to replicate than for example, a soft French baguette.  This recipe turned out with a wonderful texture that is similar to the real thing.  Not only are these bagels delicious, but […]

Superfood Energy Balls

Energy SuperFood Balls Superfoods — we hear this word a lot lately.  So what are superfoods?  I wrote about superfoods for the Total Beauty Blog but here is a quick synopses: Superfoods are quality foods that deliver nutritional value far beyond what you’d get from average foods. A lot of clients ask me what is […]

Watermelon can boost what?

This popular summer fruit is not only thirst-quenching on a hot summer day, but it also possesses many beneficial characteristics. Although 92% of its content is water, the rest 8% are rich with lycopene, antioxidant known to protect the heart, the prostate, and also the skin from UV damage. Watermelon can boost sexual life? Perhaps […]

Get more ENERGY…

We have been trying to find ways to have more energy for as long as there have been humans.  Coffee, tea and cacao have been enjoyed for centuries throughout the world as an energy boost.  Chia seeds are known to have provided the Aztecs and Mayans with energy and stamina as far back as 3,500 […]

Find your healthy balance…

Many of us are busy professionals with the mile-long to do lists and tackling many things at once.  Multitasking has become not only a highly desired but required skill.  We have an increasing expectation of ourselves that we can keep packing our daily schedule with things to do and expect to excel at everything.  However […]